Mineral Waters

On the area of Zdrojowy Park there are 8 mineral water springs,  ecologically uncontaminated, qualified as hydrogen-carbonate-sodium-calcium, arsenic and furruginous acidic waters, which are commonly appreciated in balneology and health resort treatment.

There are the following springs: Jędrzej Śniadecki, Leon Marchlewski, Stanisław Moniuszko (used for drinking treatment) and Zdrój Górny ( used for mineral baths ). The remaining three are not used. Treatment, specialists consultations, laboratory diagnosis, applied treatment (mineral and dry baths, inhalations, hydrotherapy, manual, underwater and vibratory massages and electrotherapy ) are performed by highly specialized medical staff and nurses. Most springs are located on the area of Zdrojowy Park where you can find rare plants and beautiful walk lanes, Mineral Waters Well-Room and physiotherapeutic facilities.

Mineral Waters Well-Room

It is a neo-baroque building connected with a concert hall. Inside the well-room there are mineral waters intakes. In the concert hall music performances often take place accompanying cultural events.

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