Museum of Folk Culture

Museum of Folk Culture


Museum of Folk Culture of the Sudety Foothills in Pstrążna

Pstrążna 14,
Phone: 74 8662 843
www : Museum of Folk Culture

Entry fee: 4 - 6 PLN

The heritage park was founded in 1984 in order to save the traditional culture and wooden country architecture. It is picturesquely situated at the mountain side  overlooking  Śnieżka and the Karkonosze Mountain Range. Various buildings were reconstructed here, for example a brick inn, belfry, barn and on the very top a gorgeous windmill. Every cottage is richly equipped  with furniture and tools dating back to the 18th century  and connected with agriculture, handicraft and farming. There is also historic working smithy. In summer the museum organizes colourful folklore events.



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